Trump 2019: What To Expect

First 100 Days: Trade and Jobs: What Trump Can and Can’t Do in the First 100 Days - Crowell & Moring LLP

December 19, 2016

Trade with Mexico and China were top issues for the Trump campaign, and recent developments suggest corporations may be in store for significant change under a Trump Administration. Could we be looking at an entirely different economic framework after January 20? How will manufacturers be impacted? Crowell & Moring International Trade Group partners Daniel Cannistra and John Brew discuss anxiety in the marketplace and how trade could change under President Trump.

Covered in this 23 minute podcast:

  • What are Trump’s promises on trade and can he fulfill them? What authority does the president have to alter trade agreements? What challenges might he face?
  • NAFTA and the possibility of tariffs on Mexican imports.
  • What can Trump do with respect to China?
  • What is the likelihood that the proposed border adjustment tax could go through?
  • What is a trade war, and what might cause it?
  • What agencies should large, multinational companies be looking to throughout the first 100 days to watch for trade updates?

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